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Philadelphia Projection Mapping Services For Event Decor, Advertising, And More.

The future of how information is displayed is here. We use the latest technology allowing us to project images, video, or any other content onto any surface using a projector and computer. We can project onto any surface, large or small, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. The PPM Company offers your complete solution for Philadelphia projection mapping services. We are the leading experts in this technology, and we discover new applications for its use everyday.

Philadelphia Projection Mapping

There’s no project, event, or surface that is too big or too small for us to project onto. Use your imagination. Create new ways to engage your audience with visuals. Display a customized 3D light show for your product. Turn an ordinary wall into a 80 inch video display. Create a dynamic billboard on the side of building. The possibilities only end where your creativity does.

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The Philadelphia Projection Mapping Company is committed to helping Philadelphia become the leader in projection mapping for years to come. The PPM Company is going to help reshape the city of Philadelphia into one of the best tourism sites both nationally and internationally. Philadelphia is taking on a new look and style that both residents and tourists will love. A city that is so well known for a love of the arts will be the new frontier for artists around the world.

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